The short answer is no, but the VersaVolt battery could be used to recharge a cellphone battery in an emergency. Our batteries have exceptional energy for their size because they have an optimized, highly efficient cathode and they transfer more than one electron at a time. But their output is low—one to five volts in most circumstances.

They are lightweight and small and can fit into even the tiniest available space. Even one ounce of the VersaVolt battery might provide the energy needed for a small, low-power device like a sensor for up a year.

Here are some examples of commonly used electronic items and their respective wattages:

  • Some smartphones and consumer routers need 5 W
  • An LED light bulb requires 7 W
  • Scanners work at 10 W
  • iPhones 6 and 6+ are powered at 12 W
  • Tablets generally operate from 10 to 22 W
  • An electric shaver needs 15 W
  • Most laptops run on 50-60 W

Our high-energy density, lightweight, distributed batteries are safe in operation and offer tremendous versatility. While their output right now is under one watt, R&D investment could increase this to 5W. Low-power devices which the VersaVolt battery can power right now are sensors, remote controls, bluetooth transmitters, low lights, or small devices like shavers.