Our batteries convert seawater and oxygen into energy. We make a flexible battery "cloth" in rolls about 3/4mm thick that can be cut to any shape and combined with small sensors and communications devices. Our environmentally friendly products are best-in-class for delivering slow, sustained power to small "smart" devices, multi-node networks, low-power medical devices, wearables, and underwater applications. When produced at scale, they are hundreds of times cheaper to produce per kiloWatt hour than other battery technology - and contain three to fifteen times the power of other batteries for their size. VersaVolt batteries are "green," nonflammable, work underwater, offer important performance benefits, are flat and flexible, safe in operation, and have superior shelf life when stored dry.

Rebecca Goldberg, CEO

Rebecca Goldberg, VersaVolt’s cofounder and CEO, is an accomplished entrepreneur and executive leader. She has 15 years of experience in building and developing new businesses and is skilled in scale-up, growth, and process engineering. She has worked in the light manufacturing, technology, healthcare, environmental, packaging, consumer goods, higher education, insurance, and financial services industries, as well as with the US Military. As a consultant, her clients have included Global Fortune 100 companies, Fortune 500 companies, top-25 universities, and the United States Army and Navy.

Ms. Goldberg is a Guest Executive Lecturer at the University of Virginia Darden School, where she holds a 2003 MBA. She is coauthor of The Lean Anthology: A Practical Primer in Continual Improvement (Productivity Press/CRC Press,) and has published over 20 articles in The Washington Post, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Business & Economy, and Strategic Innovators on a variety of topics, including strategy, operations design, leadership, change management, and employee engagementShe is a past member of the Center for Corporate Education’s corporate advisory board at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Dr. Martin Peckerar, Chair

Dr. Martin Peckerar is VersaVolt’s Board Chair, co-founder, and consulting engineer. He is Professor Emeritus at the University of Maryland in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and is the lead inventor of 24 granted US patents, including the VersaVolt technology. He is the author of over 110 peer-reviewed journal papers and the text Electronic Materials: Science and Technology (Academic Press.)

Dr. Peckerar has broad experience in industry and academia, as well as entrepreneurship. He was a group leader in advanced CMOS development for Westinghouse Electric and the manager of the nanoprocessing facility at the US Naval Research Laboratory, as well as the Navy Manager of the DARPA advanced Lithography Program. He has founded two startups at the University of Maryland commercializing his inventions, and is a past member of the board of visitors of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Boston University.

Many of his inventions are in widespread use in the semiconductor industry, including the deep depletion CCD imaging device for x-ray and infrared imaging, the first “radiation hardened” CCD imager for space applications, and the first CCD imager capable of sensing ultraviolet radiation in a spectral range down to 120nm. He is also the lead author of the issued patent underlying the flexible, high-capacity VersaVolt battery.

Our Team & Philosophy

Imagine your toughest or most expensive problem. What if you could collect more information in a hard-to-reach place, like the bottom of the ocean, the tip of an airplane wing, or the inside of a tomato? Under what circumstances is a battery with nearly infinite shelf life most valuable?

Sure, we aim to solve the toughest power-assisted challenges with our integrated, smart solutions. We also want to create the most good for the greatest number of people—and for our planet. Being “green,” safe in operation, nontoxic, and nonflammable is a great start, but we’re pushing further. Our goal is to help solve the humanitarian and environmental concerns of our time.

Our team is dedicated to adapting our patented battery technology and integrated, smart solutions in service of solving your toughest and most pressing business challenges. Our scientists and process engineers are leading experts in their specific fields and provide high levels of technology transfer support from start to finish.


Our recognized experts are at the forefront of their engineering specialties and are at the ready to build your groundbreaking, industry-disrupting product. Your success is our success.


Fully-integrated, bluetooth- and RF-chipset-ready, go-anywhere sensors that capitalize on our unique proprietary technology and solve your toughest challenges.


When stored dry, our batteries can sit on the shelf or in an emergency kit until they’re needed, with a superior, highly extended shelf life. Exposure to electrolytes (for example, seawater) turns them on! What business value could you capture if every time you reached for a piece of needed equipment it powered up as expected?


VersaVolt batteries are biodegradable and “green,” can be disposed of in regular trash, and are safe to operate. The patented chemical reaction that powers our battery is based on water. Other batteries such as lithium-ion are based on organic solvents, which are toxic to people as well as the environment.


We all know how important it is that the devices we count on don’t catch fire. Ours doesn’t.


Our batteries aren’t just waterproof, they work well in water at any depth. Equally at home in the air or the sea, they can practically go anywhere you imagine them to be!


Many batteries that we use everyday, including AA and AAA sizes as well as car batteries, are solid blocks or cylinders. VersaVolt batteries are thin and flexible, almost like a bandaid, and can fit into (or adhere to) hard-to-reach spaces. And their high energy density means that even the smallest VersaVolt battery stores a relatively high amount of energy.


Our newly established company builds on decades of research and development at University of Maryland, College Park. Our list of industry solutions grows every month. Let us partner with you next in our lineup of game-changing solutions.



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